Dental labs

NAIS Dental polishers and Dental Abrasives for Dental Laboratories

Dental abrasives for making dentures, crowns, veneers and other orthodontic appliances

Dental technicians have skills to use sophisticated dental instruments and equipment while performing laboratory work. Most important task for the technician is to make the tooth replacements esthetic and functional in order to improve patient’s health and look.

Dental laboratories follow dentist’s instructions to create their products in order to help people who need full dentures, partial dentures, crowns, veneers and other orthodontic appliances.

Using molds or impressions of the patient’s teeth, or eventually oral soft tissues dental technicians modify different materials to recreate the missing part of the tooth structure.

The materials used include metals, microfill and NANO Hybrids, polymer glass, amalgam, model-casting (chrome cobalt), Acrylic, gold and metal, ceramic, Zirkonia and etc. These operations include shaping, reducing, smoothing and final polishing procedures, performed by various dental polishers and abrasives.

Dental laboratories are the origin of oral and tooth health. Only tools based on international standards for the manufacturing of dental instruments and polishers can ensure product and patient safety for every dental laboratory. We produce and deliver high quality dental rotary grinding, abrading and abrasive instruments for laboratories and dental technicians worldwide.  Don’t hesitate to download our catalogue and to contact us.