Diamond Polishers

What is Diamond polisher – a human or a tool? Where it is available and how it fits into “diamond industry”.

Is “diamond polisher” someone who polishes diamonds or it is diamond that polishes something else?
In fact, the both meaning are right! There are two kinds of diamond polishers and they both are related to diamonds but in very different manner.

Diamond Polisher in Amsterdam

Diamond polisher by profession

Let’s pay a short visit to Israel, one of counties most involved in diamond market and exchange. Country has the biggest world trade floor for diamonds near Tel Aviv.
Here you will find generations of people who are dealing with diamonds making the row natural mineral to shiny gem that will adorn a beautiful woman somewhere in the world.
Cutting and polishing the diamond stone is very tricky, fine and detailed work that is fitting to ultra-Orthodox Jews who perfectly combine prayers when working on rocks. The State is more than happy to encourage this tendency having in mind that their specific lifestyle makes them difficult to be engaged in normal working process.
Still, this tradition is threatened by cheaper workers in Asia who already successfully entered the diamond polishing business niche. Israel is trying to keep its valuable workers busy using different economic stimulus but the market pressure continues to grow.

Diamond polisher as tool

Over 50% of the natural diamonds go directly for Industrial needs because of their insufficient size, form, or color. Ever the smallest piece is valuable because of its greatest quality – hardness. Diamond is the only material in the world that can handle all materials including other diamonds.
So it is not surprising that modern industry reliance on diamonds in performing difficult tasks like cutting and drilling in mining and metalworking. Another important application is to use diamonds as abrasives for polishing of metals and ceramics.
There are 3 types of Industrial diamonds and one of them, called, Crushing bort is commonly used for making abrasives. African country Congo provides 75% of the world supply of crushing bort. Crushed in miniature grains it is ideal tool for manipulating products made of strong materials that need gentle touch like metal and ceramics. Diamond polishers are most popular and valued in Dentistry and Jewelry.
For example in Dental industry dentists and dental technicians use different by grit diamond polishers to help people keeping their smile and teeth healthy. Tools of different size and shape, covered by “diamond dust” are used to reduce and shape the forms, then for smoothing and finally for high- lustre of teeth and crown models.

Diamond Polishers