Dental clinics

NAIS Dental Polishers and Dental Abrasives for Dental Clinics

Millions of patients rely on quality dental tools

There are 175,705 professionally active dentists in USA. The number of Dentists in EU countries is 265 587. These figures illustrate the importance of dentists for the health and prosperity of the people. Each of these dental professionals offers daily care to patients in order to ensure their oral health and esthetics.

Most dental procedures involve gentle treatments on the spot directly in the patient’s mouth that requires skill, care and quality tools. Customers expect best results from professionals in Dental clinics worldwide and rely on their expertise and knowledge about dental instruments and tools.

We produce high quality abrasive dental instruments for shaping, reducing, polishing and finishing materials like microfill polymer glass, amalgam, Aluminum Oxide, Gold. Nais Dental Polishers offers wide range of different Diamond Polishers on very reasonable price.

We produce and deliver worldwide high quality dental instruments and polishers. Don’t hesitate to download our catalogue and to contact us.