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Universal Nanohybrid Composite

Nanohybrid universal composite has high strength, high colour stability and convenient plasticity, which makes it easy to model. The product is suitable for:


Flowable Composite Material


The flowable composite material is a low viscosity light curing paste based on a polymeric binder and modified fine dispersed filler. Possessing optimum fluidity, the composite easily adapts to the walls of the cavity, provides a complete surface moistening and complete fit without the formation of void. The product is suitable for:



Adhesive Dental Systems


Self-etch adhesive systems are promising materials because they are easy to use, bond chemically to tooth structure and maintain the dentin hydroxyapatite, which is important for the durability of the bonding. One-step self-etch adhesive system is an all-in-one adhesive, which combines the etching, priming and bonding, because it contains acidic functional monomers, hydrophilic and hydrophobic monomers, water and organic solvents into a single solution.


One-component light-cured adhesive – 5th generation


The adhesive provides a strong bond, based on chemical adhesion, reliable accuracy of fit and reduces the risk of a recurrence of bacterial infection. The adhesive completely wets the surface of dentine and easily penetrates in the dentinal tubules. Can be used in conjunction with any light-cured composite materials.

Etching gel

With low-viscosity, gel-like consistency has a distinct blue colour to assist in complete rinsing away of the etchant. Contains 37% phosphoric acid is intended for total etching. Suitable for for enamel etching and dentin conditioning in conjunction with sealants, composite restorations and the adhesive luting of indirect all-ceramic or composite restorations.




Etching gel—organic based

Based on organic polymer processes optimum fluidity and is fully washable by water. The gel contains the bactericidal compound – Benzalconium chloride and allows to remove the possible sensitiveness related to bacterial contamination of surface of the processes.



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