NAIS – top of the line rotary dental abrading & polishing instruments

Manufacturer of dental abrasives, rotary grinding, abrading and polishing instruments for dental clinics and dental laboratories on most competitive prices

NAIS is a leading manufacturer of rotary grinding/abrading and polishing instruments for the dental and general industry based in Bulgaria, EU. We manufacture a wide range of instruments for dentists, dental technicians and the general dentistry. Globally, NAIS provides the finest top of the line silicone and POLYshine polishers for universal use, composites incl. microfill and NANO Hybrids, amalgam, model-casting (chrome cobalt), Acrylic, gold and metal, ceramic and Zirkonia and cutting discs based upon state of the art quality standards.

We are a rather young company, established in 2001, but we are already well known worldwide today and trusted by thousands of dentists and dental technicians, who evaluated the quality of our instruments and have choosen NAIS to become their business partner. Our instruments are manufactured strictly in accordance with EN ISO 2009, DIN EN ISO 13485 and the European guidelines on medical devices Guideline 93/42/EG.

The key characteristic of our company philosophy is our customer/partner focused balance between highest product quality and economic pricing. For more information please contact us.

The Future of Dentistry is Here

We follow the dynamics of the market; we keep up with the latest technological developments in dental science and stay in close cooperation with dental professionals to meet their challenges to create the custom tools they need. We are steadily upgrading our research and development resources and capabilities to meet these requirements and guarantee the supply of top of the art dental instruments.

Delivering Worldwide

We are focused on your needs and provide timely tight scheduled deliveries of our instruments worldwide by air, sea and land. We guarantee post sale customer relations and support. Please contact us for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. You can browse through our latest catalogue here.

Dental Technician

NAIS Milestones

NAIS established, aiming at developing wholesale and retail operations.

NAIS developed its concept for business development and manufacturing of a wide range of instruments for grinding/abrading/shaping and polishing for dentistry and dental technology.

NAIS starts production in 6 main stages:

  1. Technological stage for metalworking
  2. Real metalworking
  3. Preparation of mixes
  4. Phase of pressing
  5. Final treatment
  6. Quality control

First delivery to Brazil and launch of operations on four continents.

A major upgrade of production facilities and technology was accomplished in cooperation with the European Regional Development Fund’s Operational program “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”.

Launch of Two step polishing system for microfill composite materials, part of our Composite Microfill Polishers Line.

Introduction of Disposable Aluminium Oxide Polishers Kit: one step polishing and finishing system for composites and materials for temporary crowns, including 20Cups, 20 Points, 20 Disc Shapes, 3 CA mandrels.

NAIS Today

We are a recognized as a valued supplier to the dental industry and deliver our instruments to many partners worldwide. Our products are known and valued for their fair balance in quality and economical prize. We are a major dental rotary grinding/abrading and polishing instruments manufacturer and we strive to further develop, enhance and broaden our production.

It is an essential part of our marketing and customer relations policy that we participate in major dental exhibitions worldwide with our own booth or jointly with our local dealer.

We will be delighted to meet you there. Our Exhibition Agenda for 2015 is as follows:

For a meeting please contact us or send us an email.


Our instruments are manufactured in strict accordance with

EN ISO 2009
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DIN EN ISO 13485
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CE Certification
Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices
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